Parallel session c1

Day 1, 15.15-16.45

Session Chair: James Parker

Room: Webster 250

Nadia Rhook: Hearing settler law: ‘Chinese perjury’, translation, and spectacle in 1890s Victorian Supreme Courts.

Souheir Edelbi: The African Union and the International Criminal Court: determining how critique of the court is heard and who can speak

Magdalena Zolkos: Listening to ‘endangered voices’ of the Taiwanese amas at the site of trauma

Parallel session c2

Day 1, 15.15-16.45

Session Chair: Danny Butt

Room: Webster 252

Kim Munro Eavesdropping: listening to the “failures” in documentary filmmaking 

Nimalan Yoganathan Sonic activist media: radical approaches to listening and field recording

Dr Nicole Matthews, Dr Justine Lloyd, Dr Isabelle Boisvert, Ms Rebecca Kim Listening to life experience in the clinic: professional listening as political

Parallel session c3

Day 1, 15.15-16.45

Room: Webster 251

Christy Newman, Caroline Lenette, Reuben Bolt, Naomi Sunderland

Reflecting on the promise and value of life stories to contemporary policy practice (panel)