DAY 1, 11.15 – 12.45

Session chair: Lisa Waller

Room: Webster 250

Hayley McQuire and Samara Hand: If we could start from scratch (one hour workshop) 

Sophie Rudolph: Beyond ‘Closing the Gap’: the politics of listening for educational justice

parallel SESSION a2

DAY 1, 11.15 – 12.45

Session chair: Anthea Garman

Room: Webster 252

Lucia Farinati: Practices of listening at the intersection of art and activism

Maria White: Anxious empathy: towards 'capacious listening' in contemporary performance contexts

Tina Dixson: Listening to trauma of and with queer refugee women

parallel SESSION a3

DAY 1, 11.15 – 12.45

Session chair: Kerry McCallum

Room: Webster 251

Jim Macnamara: The organisational politics of listening

Vicki Bamford: Listening across culture: exploring communication between organisations and their diverse publics

Luigi Di Martino: Public diplomacy listening on social media: the case of the G20 2014 in Brisbane