DAY 1, 11.15 – 12.45

Session chair: Lisa Waller

Room: Webster 256

Hayley McQuire and Samara Hand: If we could start from scratch (one hour workshop) 

Sophie Rudolph: Beyond ‘Closing the Gap’: the politics of listening for educational justice

parallel SESSION a2

DAY 1, 11.15 – 12.45

Session chair: Anthea Garman

Lucia Farinati: Practices of listening at the intersection of art and activism

Maria White: Anxious empathy: towards 'capacious listening' in contemporary performance contexts

Tina Dixson: Listening to trauma of and with queer refugee women

parallel SESSION a3

DAY 1, 11.15 – 12.45

Session chair: Christy Newman

Jim Macnamara: The organisational politics of listening

Vicki Bamford: Listening across culture: exploring communication between organisations and their diverse publics

Luigi Di Martino: Public diplomacy listening on social media: the case of the G20 2014 in Brisbane


Day 1, 1.30-3pm

Session Chair: Emily Beausoleil

Harry Hobbs: A First Nations Voice: structural questions and an ethic of respect

Leanne Cutcher, Talila Milroy, Melissa Tyler: Embodied listening and an ethics of recognition

Leah Barclay, Vicki Saunders, Sarah Woodland: Listening to Country: exploring the value of acoustic ecology with incarcerated Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women.


Day 1, 1.30-3pm

Rosemary Kayess, Gerard Goggin, Cate Thill

Listening with disability for democracy (panel)


Day 1, 1.30-3pm

Session Chair: Naomi Sunderland

kylie valentine: Stories and stigma, or listening to the biographical narratives of people who have to tell them

Nicole Matthews, Justine Lloyd, Isabelle Boisvert, Rebecca Kim: Listening to life experience in the clinic: professional listening as political

Lisa Waller, Kerry McCallum, Kristy Hess, Tanja Dreher & Eli Skogerbø: Media attention: shining a spotlight on mainstream news coverage of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse

Parallel session c1

Day 1, 3.15-3.45

Session Chair: James Parker

Nadia Rhook: Hearing settler law: ‘Chinese perjury’, translation, and spectacle in 1890s Victorian Supreme Courts.

Souheir Edelbi: The African Union and the International Criminal Court: determining how critique of the court is heard and who can speak

Magdalena Zolkos: Listening to ‘endangered voices’ of the Taiwanese amas at the site of trauma

Parallel session c2

Day 1, 3.15-3.45

Session Chair: Danny Butt

Kim Munro Eavesdropping: listening to the “failures” in documentary filmmaking 

Nimalan Yoganathan Sonic activist media: radical approaches to listening and field recording

Polly Stanton: Situating in the field: listening, looking and the in-between

Parallel session c3

Day 1, 3.15-3.45

Christy Newman, Caroline Lenette, Reuben Bolt, Naomi Sunderland

Reflecting on the promise and value of life stories to contemporary policy practice (panel)

Parallel session d1

Day 2, 11.15-12.45

Session Chair: Kerry McCallum

Emily Beausoleil: Waharoa (Gather Your People): learning to listen intergenerationally as settlers

Anthea Garman: Hosting as listening: creating spaces for attunement in South Africa

Peter Banki: Re-imagining apology and forgiveness as a practice of listening

Parallel session d2

Day 2, 11.15-12.45

Session Chair: Justine Lloyd

Wolfgang Vachon and Sarah Woodland: Acoustic agency, ethics and the politics of amplifying voice: making audio drama in prisons and about homeless shelters.

Poppy de Souza Slow listening and the unsettling ethics of attention in Curtain the podcast

Parallel session d3

Day 2, 11.15-12.45

Session Chair: Rajni Shah

Andrew Brooks: Against accumulation

Natasha Dubler: Soundwalking: the affective labour of listening to environment and listening to self

David Chesworth: How do you know you are listening?


Parallel session e1

Day 2, 1.30-3pm

Session Chair: Andrew Brooks

Carol Que: Sonic appeals in the white saviour art industrial complex

Jessica Feldman: Strange speech: structures of listening in Nuit Debout, Occupy, and 15M

Beth Sometimes and Danny Butt: Apmere Angkentye-kenhe: listening for places of language

Parallel session e2

Day 2, 1.30-3pm

Session Chair: Rebecca Sheehan

Michelle Boulous Walker: Philosophy as attentive listening

Sheryl Magtibay: The paradox of silence and its potentiality

Chantal Bourgault du Coudray: An experiential approach to listening: Gestalt Therapy as transformative pedagogy

Parallel session e3

Day 2, 1.30-3pm

James Parker, Joel Stern, Joel Spring and André Dao

Eavesdropping (panel)

Parallel session F1

Day 2, 3-4.30

Rajni Shah, Amy Spiers, Ellen O'Brien and Luis C. Sotelo Castro

A performative response to the politics of listening (panel)

Parallel session F2

Day 2, 3-4.30

Session Chair: Tanja Dreher

Rebecca Sheehan: Can the neoliberal subject speak?

Rachael Bolton: “You’re not listening to me”: marginalisation, radicalisation, polarisation and learning to listen to our “others”